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Dashcam Write for Us

Dashcam Write for Us

A dashcam, short for dashboard camera, is a small video camera typically mounted on the dashboard or windshield of the vehicle, facing forward or sometimes backward, to record the road continuously and surroundings while driving. Dashcams are designed to capture real-time footage of the road ahead, which can be helpful for various purposes.

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What is Dashcam?

Dashcams come in various shapes and sizes, and their features and capabilities can vary widely. Basic models may only record video, while more advanced ones may offer GPS tracking, Wi-Fi connectivity, smartphone apps for remote viewing, and the ability to store footage on removable memory cards. Video recording quality, including resolution and low-light performance, also varies among dashcams.

Here are Some Standard Features and Uses of Dashcams:

Accident Recording

Dashcams often record footage of accidents or collisions. This video evidence can be invaluable for insurance claims and legal purposes, as it provides an objective account of what happened.

Evidence of Incidents

Dashcams can record incidents such as road rage, reckless driving, or hit-and-run accidents, which are shared with law enforcement to aid in investigations.

Driver Monitoring

Certain advanced dashcams come with features like lane departure warnings, forward collision warnings, and driver fatigue alerts to enhance safety on the road.

Insurance Discounts

Some insurance companies offer discounts to a policyholder who installs dashcams in their vehicles because they can promote safe driving habits and provide evidence in the event of an accident.

Science Recording

Dashcams can capture beautiful scenery and memorable road trips, allowing drivers to relive or share their journeys with others.


Some dashcams have a parking mode that can capture video footage when the vehicle is parked, helping to identify vandals, thieves, or other suspicious activities around the car.

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